About our Album




 We are so happy you stopped by!

 We are very excited about our new music and hope you will be too! 

 We've  been working on this album for quite some time and so we're very

 much  looking forward to sharing it with our friends and fans. 

 Since we've both been writing songs for a long time it took a bit of time for

 us to land on which songs we wanted to place on the album. But once  we  landed on a title, it was all set. We chose a line from one of the songs  Luke co-wrote and from there it became pretty obvious which songs would

 fit the theme. 

 The album isn't officially released yet so we can't reveal yet the name of  the album or all the songs from it.  But you can purchase our new single

 "The Sky Is Blue" and a few other songs from the album, offered as a

 sneak preview on this website. 


 We hope you'll drop us a line and let us know how you feel about our new

 music!  Thanks again for dropping by.

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